A Year In Review

Happy New Year to you all! Hope the 2014 will be a great year. 
I took a little break and now I am back. I have been thinking about my blog, my role as a blogger and my place in blogosphere. New Year is always associated with new beginnings and new ideas. So, I decided to re-vitalize my blog a little bit. I wanted to change many things for a while now. But tweaking small things here and there can be time consuming. I do all blog related work by myself. It’s like when you go through a rough patch in your life and decide to change something just to have some kind of control and sense of newness...you get a radical haircut? You know what I’m talking about. If you have been with me for a while now, you can notice the changes. 

I have been blogging for slightly over a year now. It has been an interesting (for the lack of a better word) experience for sure. It has it’s ups and downs, and sometimes just downs. But here I’m, after a year, still blogging. I never planned to be a blogger. And I still question the whole purpose of this all. But I have been in it for a year, I might as well stay. I poured so much time, effrot, thought and other things into this little space, it became a part of me.  I have to be honest that not once but on numerous occasions I was so bummed that I was seconds away from deleting the blog entirely. But I took breaks. Not that anyone missed me or my contribution to the world has decreased in any way...What kills me the most is the lack of feedback from the readers. Let’s assume they are reading. I used to check the stats a lot but you know what? I stopped. I think at my age I am little wiser. Sometimes it felt like I am blogging for my mother-in-law. She is my only loyal reader, commenter and promoter. She still is. But I know there are others. 

Let’s see where this ride will take me. Sometimes it feels like a year wasn’t that long. Then I look back at my old posts and it seems like I have done a lot. At first I started posting sporadically, then slowly I got into the swing of things and it sort of became a habit. At first I had no idea what to write about. Now, I schedule posts. Yeah, that’s crazy. It took me an entire year to include blogger into my twitter profile description. Yes, I do have an account with twitter. I do NOT, however, have a Facebook account neither personal nor business. And please, don’t convince me to get one. I feel naked already. 

Let’s look at the year in review. I am writing another post about what I learned from blogging. You don’t want to miss that. 

So, here we go. I told you that I started blogging sporadically. Well, it turns out in the month of January of 2013 I had not posted anything. In February I have just one thing- a flyer announcing my workshops. 
Two things appear in the month of March, a guest blog from award winning writer, author of the Third Eye, Jacqueline Seewald, AKA, my other-in-law and again an announcement of my posters. 
April of 2013 was fruitful. I have 3 amazing posts. My old time favorite The World Through Kids Eyes. How I enjoyed making that video!      


This post is dear to my heart as well because I am an eco person and a big advocate for green living and teaching kids how to love and take care of our Earth. Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids. 
April is also an important month because it's the Autism Awareness month. I had to include a post for sure. Read Autism: Yesterday and Today

People who know me well, are aware that I am a food lover, a good cook, a healthy eating advocate and cooking with kids and teaching kids about food aficionado. And I am still working on my Cooking With Kids book. I actually might run a Cooking With Kids series on my blog. I am still debating it. The entire month of May is dedicated to food and eating. 

I have 3 wonderful pieces packed with great information.
An interview with a Mom-Friend whose daughter suffers from multiple food allergies. A very current topic and a delightful read. 

There were several posts that became very popular in a short time. One of them was The Summer Bucket List and How To Choose Toys- both appeared in the month of June. In the month of June I have 6 posts: 

The Rainbow Challenge -loaded with good information, FREE printables for kids, activities for a family and The famous Pear Pledge. By the way, they are still available for free download. 
Gradually, I started incorporating my photographs into my blog and that was a big hit among people. By this time you can clearly see a style is evolving. 

In the right sidebar of this blog you can see which posts were the most searched, read and popular. Sometimes it's funny what key words bring people to my blog. My article on Rewards was number one ever since it has been posted. Don't ask me why. I haven't read that article again. I am afraid to find spelling and grammar mistakes. That was one of my earliest entries. 

It's definitely very enlightening how internet and search engines work. 
Moving on. July! 
I posted about my balcony and a small bench makeover filled with great photographs and this post is still in the right sidebar among most popular posts. 

Once again, I tried to engage my audience in my own way and declared a little challenge. And guess what? I got ZERO entries. Sad but true. 

Interestingly enough, all the posts of the month of August are very popular. I have a few back to school posts and they were linked to blog parties. They drove a lot of traffic to my site. Since it was still summer time I shared a few popsicle recipes and they are apparently favored by readers as well. In fact, How to Make a Rainbow Pop was featured in The Littlelocks web site without my knowledge. It was a pleasant surprise. Check our their web site, they have great products for baby food making. 
I started sharing more recipes and photographs by readers demand and that's how Foto Friday series was born. 


I shared a few DIY projects. My favorites: 
A Refrigerator Face Lift   Our fridge is still in this condition and we just LOVE it. So different and adds a lot of character to our small kitchen. 

I also made some fun videos. Our town hosted it's first Cicoliva event. It was a lot of fun. You don't know what Cicoliva is, it's worth knowing. Meanwhile, check out my video. 

The best part about blogging is you get to know other bloggers and some wonderful people. I am always on a look out for interesting people locally or globally. Check out a few of my interviews with some awesome people. 

My interview with children's author Marcie Aboff. 
My interview with a local, young artist behind the business named Jersey's Freshest.
My interview with Madelyn Flammia, author of Knuckles's Christmas Tree. 

I also had two wonderful guest posts. A thought provoking post titled Purposeful Peril written by my online friend Chris Myers Asch - a dad's take on raising tough, adventurous girls. And the second one on a very serious subject-Legal Planning for Busy Parents written by a local family attorney. These two articles both made the top 10 on the popular list. 

So, there you have it-a year in review. I didn't realize how fun it would be to go through the entire year and reflect. At first I was dreading it. But I am glad I did. In doing so, I saw some things under a new light. I gained a fresh outlook and it helped to re-focus. Overall, I think the 2013 was a wonderful year- a year of growth and development, new connections and friendships, endless inspiration, creativity and introspection. 
I launched my first authentic tee collection. And that was very exciting. See my online boutique. 
I composed a bunch of new songs and even dared to share some on my blog. 
I conducted a series of new workshops and met some wonderful parents. 

I normally do not set new year's resolutions for myself. I love to live life wholeheartedly, and watch life's events unfold organically. 
I am all giddy for a new, exciting year. Are you? 

I want to extend my thanks to all you loyal readers, friends of Authentic Parenting and occasional visitors. I value your feedback. Either you leave a comment in the comment box, or email me privately or call me to tell me how much you enjoyed reading something or you leave a trail that shows up in the stats-THANK YOU! Thank you for your kind words, support, encouragement and following along with me. That means a lot. That gives me a boost to continue. 
Thanks for being with me. I hope you will stay as in the new year I plan on running a few new, thrilling series, more recipes, interviews, DIY projects, kids activities, contests, photographs, information and fun stuff. 

Welcome 2014! 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. What an incredible year!! And, your first as a blogger? Everything looks so great, you would never know. Keep it up Anna!

    1. Oh, hi Melissa,
      Thank your for your kind words. Good to see you here.
      I actually have a post about you and how we met too:) Soon to come. I am glad I have met you.

  2. Anna,

    I love your year in review! I believe you've accomplished so much in one year of blogging. As you've discovered, being a writer can be discouraging. Finding your audience can be very difficult--just ask me about that! But you have a great deal to offer other parents and to share with them. I hope you will keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! Your support means a lot. Hope you can have a great year as well.


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