Last Minute, Easy Gift Idea: cookie mix jar

Christmas and cookies...It's a tradition. 
Some people bake a lot during holiday season. Last year one of my neighbors delivered a large tray of homemade cookie assortments. It was heartwarming. If you do not have time to bake batches of cookies, here is a simple and easy idea for you. 
These DIY cookie jars make great gifts. They are fun and unique. And who doesn't like cookies? You can turn this into a fun activity and do all the job with kids. You can decorate the jar and add personalized touches. Don't forget to include the complete recipe. Have fun! 



Check out this 10 easy recipe mixes for jars. 

Have fun DIYing! 

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  1. One of my aunts was a great baker. Her cookies were to die for. The first thing I did as a child when we visited was hurry to her cookie jar. Her son, my cousin, took it for granted but I never did!


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