Back To School Organization

After we received the welcome package from school-it all became real. Summer is almost over. Back to school time. My daughter is starting kindergarten. Now, that's big! That's real. Like she says: "it's real school, Mommy". 
After I studied the package carefully, I filled out all the necessary paperwork and brought them to school-I started planning and organizing. 
After I hit the checkout button a few days ago to purchase lunchbox containers-I felt relieved. I am officially done. I am ready for back to school. I have even planned her lunches for two weeks! (I intend on sharing that on the blog. The lunchbox project. Stay tuned. )
Well, let's see how does that go...Isn't it always like that? We start with ambiguous plans and to-do lists and then the novelty wears down. That's how my summer started. I nearly accomplished what I had planned. 
We cleaned and organized our car (big project after summer), updated our first aid kit. We shopped for back to school and reorganized her closet, donated things outgrown. Today I want to share one of my closet organization projects. 
This was one rainy summer day project. I am hoping it will serve it's purpose. This is not by all means a way of controlling what my girl would wear. It's a time saving strategy. I am hoping that either in the evening or on Sunday she can plan her outfits. School starts early and with clothes already preselected the morning routine won't be so stressful. 
My inspiration comes from this 

But frankly, I didn't want to get another closet organizer just because it had the days of the week on it. I used an old gift box and paper I already have. I am all for simple DIY projects. And this one was no exception. 

First I thought of the type of the divider I wanted to create. Tried a couple of variations and this one was the best one. 

Traced and cut 5 of them. 

Then, to make it pretty I applied this adhesive paper I have. It's for shelves but it is versatile. 

Then printed the names of the days of the week. Aren't they cute? 

And the result is great! And yes, we already picked out some outfits for the first week of school. Yay! 

How are you getting ready for school? Any special tips on getting organized? How about staying organized? What did work for you in the past and what didn't? Would love to hear all your thoughts. 

Happy organizing! 


  1. Nice idea and very well executed!

  2. Love it! I even have the same contact paper! I think it would also work really well in a nursery to divide different sizes of clothes that baby hasn't grown into yet!

    1. Absolutely, Beth! That would a great solution. How funny about the same paper?

  3. Great!
    Thanks for the idea
    (Regards from Spain)

  4. Wow, I never achieved this level of organization. I do not want to compare our permanent records of tardies. Something tells me I might have had a few more than you did!


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