#007: Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age, Interview with Richard Freed, Ph.D

Does technology bing people together? How early you should introduce screens to your baby? How much is enough? Is technology addictive and what are the signs of addiction? Who has to set limits around tech use? Parents or kids? Does content matter? There is a lot of confusing information out there. It's a challenging time for parents.  In an age of devices, our kids need a healthy, family-centered childhood more than ever.

#006: Date, Parent and Make Money LIke a Mother with Emma Johnson

From a first break up after a divorce to a blog to a movement Emma Johnson the author of a popular blog wealthysinglemommy.com has created a space for single moms to share, connect and find support. Her voice resonates with a lot of women. 
In this episode we talk about divorce, dating, parenting and kids. 
She shares her top 5 tips for newly divorced parents, her insights and positive message.