Momma, Don't You Worry

If you are a parent of a little kid you know that they want to do everything by themselves. And that's OK. They especially don't like when we hold their hands. But you know…they wonder off. 

Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie Lawent is a cute book with friendly illustrations. It’s written beautifully and has a rhyming tone which I like. The story is about a six year old boy who doesn’t want his mom to hold his hand. He believes he is big enough. But somehow he gets lost in the store and gets frightened. As a mom of a 6 year old I can relate to this story. As a parent educator, I know the theme of this story is pretty common. An important lesson for the little ones to learn. The boy is very smart, he asks the sales clerk for help. The book has a great message about safety and it’s nice that at the end when mom and boy reunite, mom doesn’t reprimand the boy. She has a loving reconnection. Every little child I know insists on “Mom, I’m way to old for holding hands”. 
I would recommend reading this book with your little one and teaching them what to do in case they get lost in public. Before reading the book maybe ask your child a hypothetical question to spark some curiosity and see what his thoughts are on the subject. You may also ask questions like, “How do you think the boy was feeling when he discovered that his mom wasn’t around?” 
Overall, a cute book, easy to read and a great message! 

Check it out! It's only $1 on Amazon. You can't bit that.

Free Parenting Webinar!

Finally it's here! I am excited to tell you that I will be hosting a FREE LIVE Q&A webinar. I have been getting a lot parenting questions, so doing a LIVE Q&A was no brainer. 
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Authentic Parenting

Free Parenting Classes-Special Offer

Hey parents! 

Exciting news! I am giving away my services for free to 3 lucky people. 
Are you a parent? Do you speak English? Do you have parenting questions you wish someone can answer them a compassionate, expert way? Well…
It's the holiday season I decided to run this exclusive offer. Note that only 3 people will be picked as "winners". 

What's in the offer? You get 3 parenting coaching sessions (1 hour each) either in person, if you live in NJ or via Skype if you live elsewhere. Self study materials, audio files, access to resources and best of all one on one Q&A session. 

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Authentic Parenting-helping parents to deepen their connection to the present moment, to themselves and their children. 

Are you ready to build a better relationship with your children? Are you ready to learn new and effective ways to communicate so your kids will listen and respond? Are you ready to find out once and for all the secrets of non punitive discipline? Are you ready to learn how to set effective limits, give up the yelling and nagging and giving in? 

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