Free Parenting Classes-Special Offer

Hey parents! 

Exciting news! I am giving away my services for free to 3 lucky people. 
Are you a parent? Do you speak English? Do you have parenting questions you wish someone can answer them a compassionate, expert way? Well…
It's the holiday season I decided to run this exclusive offer. Note that only 3 people will be picked as "winners". 

What's in the offer? You get 3 parenting coaching sessions (1 hour each) either in person, if you live in NJ or via Skype if you live elsewhere. Self study materials, audio files, access to resources and best of all one on one Q&A session. 

This offer expires on December 23 so hurry up! Spread the word. Do you know of someone who needs some parenting guidance? Do you know of someone who is overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting? Feel free to share on social media. 

Authentic Parenting-helping parents to deepen their connection to the present moment, to themselves and their children. 

Are you ready to build a better relationship with your children? Are you ready to learn new and effective ways to communicate so your kids will listen and respond? Are you ready to find out once and for all the secrets of non punitive discipline? Are you ready to learn how to set effective limits, give up the yelling and nagging and giving in? 

Only 3 people will be picked. 

This is an incredible offer! 


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One Word Challenge!

Are you a parent? 

Take part in this fun and quick challenge. If you could describe parenting in ONE.SINGLE.WORD, what would it be? 
Ready, set, go! 

There is a BONUS for those who will post a comment below, share the challenge link via Facebook and Twitter and generate over 10 responses. 
So, show me the power of social media. 


My Etsy Shop

Hey there,
Good news! 
My etsy shop is now open. Go there and take a look.

Find and embrace your authenticity. Find what speaks to you. Cozy, casual and chic! 
There is something for everyone. 

Authentic Tee Boutique 

Happy shopping! 


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